Violence Can Happen Anywhere

Self-defense is instinctive, appropriate and protected.  But it doesn't have to be lethal.  ADS LLC empowers employees of any organization to defend themselves and others from violent attacks without permanently harming bystanders.

Safe Zone CM. Non-lethal defense when you are the first responder.


Non-lethal Pepper Gel Defense System

Disrupt violence and create opportunity for evacuation without harming bystanders. Safe Zone CM is like a fire extinguisher for violence.

  • Pepper gel won't contaminate interior spaces

  • Projects up to 25 feet

  • Coats glasses, goggles

  • Lockable cabinets prevent access by unauthorized people

  • Comes with training to integrate easily into any violence response protocol

Watch the 

Safe Zone CM video

  • Safe Zone CM pepper gel can reach up to 25 feet.

  • Red gel clings to glasses or masks.

  • Won't contaminate interior spaces like sprays do.

  • Easy to use--just point and shoot.

  • Disrupts violence, creates opportunity to escape.

Workplace Violence Response Training

  Customized to Your Organization

With more than 572,000 incidents of workplace violence annually in the United States, every one of your employees should know what to do if violence breaks out at your facility.  ADS LLC offers a proprietary workplace violence prevention & response training program that gives every employee a customized response plan based on their location in the facility. 


“There’s been lots of clamoring lately about ‘arm the teachers’ and people are thinking arm them with guns and we just were not ready to do something like that, We were looking for something that was non-lethal that would provide protection for both the staff and students and something that was reasonably priced and we got that with the (Safe Zone CM) pepper gel.”

Melissa Marconi / Superintendent / Tuslaw  School District

“Non-lethal solutions like those offered by Alternative Defense Strategies could prove to be game-changing in how people are trained to respond to active shooters and other acts of mass violence.”

Steven Crimando / Principal / Behavioral Science Applications

The World is Less Dangerous When You Know How to Stay Safe 

ADS Personal Safety Training Classes Show You How

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