ADS LLC Prepares Organizations & Individuals to Respond Effectively

to the Threat of Workplace and  Sudden Violence

Manufacturing, healthcare, business, education, government--no matter what industry you're in, violence in the workplace is a threat to the safety and well-being of your employees, customers and visitors.  ADS LLC helps organizations mitigate the risk of violence through common sense planning, training and non-lethal defense products that empower employees to prevent and respond to threats and reduce the likelihood of injuries and liability. 

Workplace Violence Prevention &
Response Training


With more than 572,000 incidents of workplace violence annually in the United States, every one of your employees should know what to do if violence breaks out at your facility.  ADS LLC offers a proprietary workplace violence prevention & response training program that incorporates:

  • The principles of DHS' Run, Hide, Fight active shooter response protocol

  • Behavioral indicators that can signal escalation towards violence 

  • Developing individualized response plans for each employee 

  • Tactics and strategies to keep workers safe 

  • Scenario based training based on research of past workplace and     active shooter attacks


Workplace Violence Prevention & Response Training can be delivered live,

or via webinar format.  Call ADS LLC at 216-470-3086 to discuss training for your organization.   

Safe Off-Site Training


Insurance agents, home healthcare practitioners, real estate agents, sales representatives.  Employers' duty of care for employee safety extends to anyone that works away from the main office as well as those who perform their duties "under the roof."  

ADS LLC offers its Safe Off-Site training program to address the unique security challenges of employees that work away from the office. 

  • The Nature of the Threat 

  • Perpetrators & Victim Behaviors

  • The Importance of Situational Awareness in Crime Prevention

  • Developing Your Response Plan

  • Safety While Traveling

  • Active shooter situations

  • Simple Self-defense Tactics

Safe Off-Site Training can be delivered live or via webinar, and makes a great "lunch and learn" session.  Call ADS LLC at 216-470-3086 to discuss training costs for your organization.   

  Personal Safety   Training

The world is less dangerous when you know how to stay safe.

Women, college age girls, and adolescents are often the targets of criminals.  Personal safety training builds confidence, makes you less likely to be a victim and gives you the skills to escape dangerous situations safely.  Add some optional non-lethal defense tools and you're ready to take charge of your own safety.

Classes Offered:

Personal Safety & Self-Defense for Adults 18+

Personal Safety & Self-Defense  for High School  Students

Personal Safety for DV Survivors

Personal Safety for College Age Girls 18 - 24

Personal Safety for Children Ages 10 - 17

Call 216-470-3086 for pricing or to book a class for your group.  Makes a great "Lunch and Learn" seminar for employees and volunteers. 


“What a great eye-opening experience to spend time with you! I learned so much!

I had what could have been a scary experience in a parking lot that same afternoon, where I realized what a target I might have been without the awareness you helped me obtain - - -The good news is that I had my trusty purse ADS device and was aware and prepared! As you know, I’ve already made a referral, so you know I was moved by the experience of your training, tips and product!!! 

Pamela / Owner / Custom Jewelry Company